Worry Free Direct Mail Marketing Services

TMR Direct will help you execute your direct mail campaign flawlessly.

Remember in the good old days of marketing when you had weeks, or even months, to develop, fine-tune, and launch a campaign? Those days are gone, and have been for some time. Now, a current day marketer is required to develop integrated marketing campaigns that involve multiple channels: direct mail, pay-per-click, SEM, targeted Facebook ads, scheduled Tweets, supporting blog posts, unique CTA buttons and lead capture pages, and follow up lead nurturing email and direct mail campaigns. There is plenty to keep track of, and the last thing you need to worry about is the production of the direct mail component: critically important to your success, but frustrating due to ever changing postal regulations and increased data requirements.

We help our clients, marketers who use direct mail as either a stand alone or integrated part of their campaign, get their mail to their prospects and clients without requiring them to keep up with all the latest postal regs. You've got enough to think about trying to keep up with Google's changing algorithms.

Yes, we have mail processing equipment. Yes, we have data processing. And, yes, we can help you find your list and get your piece printed as well. But more importantly, our project managers understand what you mean when you say you have to build a landing page that ties into your mail piece design.   We can help with that too, but you can read about that here.

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