Today, smart marketers are using offline channels and integrating them with their websites or mobile apps. If you’re executing a direct mail campaign, it’s important that your target audience can respond to your offer online through a dedicated landing page, mobile website or app.

If you’re still putting your home page on your direct mail piece, there is a better way. In fact, putting your home page on your direct mail piece is probably depressing response. So, if you’ve been avoiding setting up landing pages due to the hassle, we can set up your landing page and execute your email nurturing campaign as well.

Benefits of Online Integration:

  • Increase the number of ways to respond
  • Give people an option to respond more quickly
  • Improved tracking on the campaign’s success
  • Turn a direct mail address into an email address
  • Ability to create an automated email campaign to nurture your leads

At TMR Direct, we’re passionate about measurable results, and incorporating your online presence is sure to improve the measurable success of your direct mail campaign.