13 Topics For When Your Business Blogging Brain is Blank

13 topics for when your bloggin brain is blankWe talk a lot about using great content on your website to help you generate visits and leads. Of course, one of the best ways to generate that content is to blog regularly about topics that are of interest to your customers and prospects.

It’s not enough, however, to simply be consistent. The quantity of your content isn’t the only thing that matters. In fact, if you consistently put out a lot of poor content, visitors will stay away in droves. Your content (whether it’s your blog, your enewsletter, your Tweets, or your Facebook posts) needs to be good.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep things fresh. Sometimes you just “hit the wall” when trying to come up with topics that your visitors will want to read. Here’s a list of 13 topics you can use as a springboard for ideas. Not every one will be right for you business. And most are pretty general and will need to be customized to fit your specific industry or business. But give them a look.  Some of them just might trigger an idea—and it’s a lot better than staring at a blank screen!

  1. How you can get the most from our customer service department.
  2. Have a suggestion for our product or service? Here’s the best way to get our attention.
  3. What features would you like to see in our online catalog?
  4. Take a sneak peek at our favorite upcoming projects.
  5. Three tricks to try that can keep you from needing to call support.
  6. Five tips for getting more from your Acme Wonderwidget. (insert your product name)
  7. Did you know? A look behind the scenes at [your company].
  8. Three things that keep us up at night (and what we’re doing about them).
  9. How we handle your disputes or complaints.
  10. If you were running our business how would you handle [Customer Service]?
  11. Why we sometimes say “No” to our customers.
  12. Tales from the front line. How other customers are using our products in ways we never anticipated.
  13. Five promises we’ve kept over the last few years.

What blog topics have generated the most response from your customers?

spencer powell inbound marketing certified professional

Blog Post Written by Spencer Powell

Spencer is the Inbound Marketing Director at TMR Direct. Spencer specializes in helping clients create and execute effective inbound marketing campaigns.