20 Major Website Directories to Submit Your Website To


20 website directories to submit your website toUsing website directories is a great method for building links back to your website. This can provide you with a lot more exposure on the internet.  It also helps your search engine optimization (SEO). The more links the better, and using website directories is one of the most cost effective methods of online marketing.  However, knowing where to submit your website can be a challenge.

If you have a blog, there are many excellent blogging directories to post to as well.  It’s definitely worth submitting your blog, in addition to your website; however, for the purpose of this post, we will just list directories designed for websites in general.

20 of the Best Website Directories

  1. Google – Adding your site to Google is a must.  It is also a free service.
  2. Bing – Again, you can add your website to Bing, which is a great search engine, growing in popularity every day.
  3. Business.com – This is a paid directory which has multiple categories, allowing you to optimize your listing.
  4. Yahoo – Unfortunately, this is no longer free, but it is still a powerful directory to consider if you don’t mind paying the annual fee.
  5. Mastermoz – You have two choices of the type of listing on this site. Either use the free basic listing or pay a small fee for a professional membership each year.
  6. Best of the Web! (BOTW) – This site offers a paid directory at $150 or $200 to include the local listing.
  7. Wikidweb – If you have a family-friendly site, you can request that your site is added to the Wiki directory.
  8. Dir Journal – Another paid site that has several options for submitting your website.  You can permanently add your listing or pay annually.
  9. Linkbook – This directory features a great category structure that makes it easy to categorize your website perfectly. Free and paid listings are available.
  10. URLmoz – You can add your website URL as well as articles, with various lifetime memberships available.
  11. Quick Directory – To add your site, visit the appropriate category and click add page in the menu. It is possible to add your site to three separate categories.
  12. Pegasus Directory – Another great human-edited web directory that is free to use and SEO-friendly.
  13. Sighber Café – Free and paid listings available.  Just select your category or suggest one if you find that the appropriate one is not already available.
  14. Directory V7N – This is a paid directory, with a low lifetime fee applied. It’s considered to be one of the best value-paid directories to use.
  15. Prolink Directory – Optional memberships are available, including a free listing. You also have the choice of adding deep links for an additional cost.
  16. Link Directory – A paid directory with various link types available.  Ideal for all budgets.
  17. Linkdir – A free service.  Choose your category and add your link.
  18. Amray – Offers you a choice of a free basic listing or a premium listing with an annual fee applied.
  19. ExactSeek – Free listings are available, provided that you add the correct tags and meta description.
  20. A1 Web Directory – Add your listing for free or pay for a lifetime fee, if you wish your review to be completed within two working days.

Adding your link to website directories does take time, but it’s worth it because of the increased exposure it generates.  Be sure to read submission rules for each site you use.

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