3 Fundamental Elements to a Great CTA Button

 1) Context

Make sure your call-to-action button is relevant to the content on the page. Hubspot’s blog does a great job at this by having unique offers that match up to whatever is on the page. The more relevant the offer and your call-to-action button is, the greater the odds someone will want to click it.

context cta buttons

2) Design

Catching the user’s attention is only half the battle when it comes to well designed CTA buttons. The rest boils down to how affective the copy, the design, and the overall look of the button portray the value of what lies behind it. We want to persuade someone to go out of their way, and click this button. They will do that if they feel what they are receiving is exactly what they were looking for (playing back to the first fundamental element, if your context is off, the design won’t matter.)

cta button call to action design

3) Testing

You’ve made a nice looking button, with simple and enticing wording, on a content page that is 100% relevant to the offer. Congratulations, you have successfully created a good CTA button. But this guide is on GREAT CTA buttons. A/B Testing is required, let me say this again, required, to make a great CTA button. Create two different versions of the same CTA button, and change up subtle things: color, changing the wording from “Download now” to “Free Download Now”, or from “Click Here” to “Click Here Now”, change the size, the placement on the page, change the imagery you use on the button itself. Testing is the most important part of creating a great CTA. So, I challenge all you CTA button gurus out there, stop making “good enough” CTA buttons, start making Great CTA’s.

ab split test cta buttons


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