3 Google Search Stats Every Builder Should See

google search stats construction manWhile these lists may seem interesting for about half a second, it doesn’t really do much for the homebuilder or remodeler who is looking to get more leadsand sales from their web presence..

As we all know, organic search is vital to any business.  Here are a few more points that come directly from the Official Google blog describing things of interest to those using the search engine to fuel their own revenue engine. Did you know….

7 out of 10 US Google users make more than one search query per day.

Do you think these searches are all made up of mindless garbage?  Not a chance!  People are looking for products and services just like yours.  They are looking for someone to remodel their kitchen or build their dream home – so you better be online.  (and have some testimonials and positive reviews too! – that’s a different story though)

1 in 13 Google Result Pages Show a Map in Search Results

This proportion includes all searches. This number increases dramatically when using a local qualifier.  Ex. “Dallas kitchen remodeler” or “Portland custom home builder”.  Are you using Google Places yet?  Local search and organic search are slightly different and you need to understand them both.

Average Time it Takes Google to Answer a Query is Less than ¼ Second

Is there any wonder why Google is so dominant in this “I need it now!” world?  Google wants to return the most relevant results the fastest.  Are you providing relevant content to your visitors?

Builder marketing has changed so much over the past several years.  Are you doing all that you can to improve your online presence?  If not, you’re falling further behind every day.  Google the city you are in followed by the service you provide (Ex. Denver remodeling company) and see who comes up first.  These are your new competitors…

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Blog Post Written by Taylor Vowell

Taylor Vowell is a certified inbound marketing specialist with a background in graphic design and website development. www.tmrdirect.com