3 Website Tips from a Builder Marketing Company

Builder Marketing CompanyLet’s look at three ways you can start to improve your website performance.

1.  Build more traffic to your website by participating in social media and writing blog articles regularly – The first step to improving your website performance is to increase the amount of relevant traffic hitting your site.  Adding content to your site is a great way to do this and a blog is a pretty easy way to keep fresh and interesting content coming.  Address questions your customers ask you, share your expertise and provide lots of value – this will draw in more visitors and if your content is great, you might even pick up some inbound links.  Once you have some awesome content flowing through your website, use your social media outlets to share it.  Don’t be afraid to promote your blog if it is truly a benefit to your target audience.

2.  Convert more traffic by creating compelling offers – Now that you have started to increase your traffic, you’ll want to convert some of it into leads for your sales team.  You can do this by creating compelling offers.  This might be a special promotion or a free download talking about the “5 Things You Don’t Want to Forget When Remodeling Your Kitchen”.  These offers will catch the eyes of your website visitors and a certain percentage of them will want to capitalize on them by filling out some information in order to access the offer.  Now your sales team can start to reach out to these leads.  Just make sure your offers are helpful to your prospects.  You want to showcase your expertise and demonstrate your professionalism and knowledge.

3.  Analyze where your leads are coming from so you can improve your efforts on a continual basis – now that you are capturing lead data, you need to figure out which of your offers or website pages are converting the best.  You want to change the poor performing offers and consider using your better performing offers in more places on your website.  This will ensure you can continue raising your conversion rate which is the most powerful variable you can change.  If you get 1000 visitors to your site and convert 1%…that’s 10 leads.  If you can increase your conversion to 3%, you have tripled your leads….WITHOUT EVEN INCREASING  your traffic numbers!  Pretty cool!

What is your website’s visitor to lead conversion rate?  How could you improve it?