5 Performance Tests Your Website Needs To Pass


5-performance-tests-your-website-needs-to-passYou know that motivational poster that claims: “Life is not a test. This is the real thing!”?  Well, life may not be a test, but it’s full of them. And when it comes to your business, there are some tests that your website needs to pass. If it doesn’t, your website is nothing more than a pretty digital doorstop.  Let’s take a look at five performance tests your website needs to pass.

1. Ranking

Is your website getting found? It doesn’t matter how pretty or clever your website is if people aren’t finding it. Websites don’t make you money. It’s what happens when customers engage with your site that matters. How much traffic are you getting? How does your site rank in comparison to your competitor’s site? If you’re not showing up “above the fold” when potential customers search, you’re missing out on the lion’s share of potential leads. (By the way, we can help you figure out how you rank)

2. Quality Content

It’s not enough to just have something on your website. Your site needs to deliver quality content. What makes it quality? It needs to be accurate. It needs to be helpful. It needs to be easy to access. And above all, it needs to address the questions and concerns your potential customers have. It’s not a place for a sales pitch. Your content needs to be information that will actually help your customers make good decisions.

3. Lead Generation

Getting people to visit your site is a good start, but it’s not the end goal. Are you generating leads? How are you measuring that? Are you turning those leads into customers? What specific steps are you taking to engage visitors and move them to the next level? Are you using calls-to-action? Are you setting up landing pages and online forms to collect information?

4. Hitting Your Target Audience

When you’re considering the performance or effectiveness of your website, it’s not about how many people you touch. It’s about touching the right people. Do you have a clear picture of what your ideal customer looks like? Are you creating content that appeals to those specific individuals? Do you know what information they’re looking for?

5. Your site needs to stay fresh

Work on your website is never done. You have to constantly update it and improve it. Why would anyone revisit a site with the same stale stuff? You have to give visitors a reason to come back—and a reason to engage with your site so that they’ll eventually become leads. What’s your plan for keeping your content fresh and new and engaging?

Ultimately, your marketing success comes down to performance. Are your marketing efforts generating measurable results? Make sure your website is passing these five marketing performance tests and you’ll be a whole lot closer to having the healthy, growing business you want.

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