5 Questions Builders Need to Ask When Thinking About Website

blog keyboard1.  Where should I host my blog?
A number of marketers choose to host their blog on a separate subdomain or external blogging program such as Blogger or WordPress.  One of the many reasons to blog is that it allows you to create a wealth of niche content so you will be found online through a variety of keyword combinations.  While there is nothing wrong with an external address, your blog will maximize SEO potential if it’s part of your existing builder web site (i.e. www.bobsbuildingcompany.com/blog or blog.bobsbuildingcompany.com).

2.  Is it important to include pictures and/or videos in blog posts?
Graphics do matter.  In addition to providing aesthetics, they also drive search engine and site visitor traffic.  Make sure that your photos are relevant and include captions and ALT tags that describe your image and its relation to the content at hand.

Video is not only not going anywhere anytime soon but they are quickly dominating global traffic growth.  Blog posts and other interior web site pages are excellent places to add videos.  Use videos to display case studies, explain product features, and debut building industry data.

3.  Should customers have a say in web site updates?
Start any redesign process with usability testing.  Give customers scheduled site walkthroughs and note their reactions and patterns.  Your understanding of their preferences and habits will guide your decisions throughout the redesign process.  Stay away from surveys and other venues that will allow uses to vent lots of frustration and negativity and keep the process as positive as possible.

Capture blogging4.  What will get people to my blog?
You will drive traffic with three basic steps: creating content, promoting on the appropriate channels, and engaging your target audience in conversations.  Optimize your posts around specific long-tailed keywords.  Engage other experts in the building industry.  Don’t forget about social media (including promotion buttons on your blog), RSS feeds, and e-mail subscriptions.

5.  Should I make changes gradually or all at once?
We have all seen web sites that overhauled drastically overnight and left users confused and frustrated.  Don’t do this to your potential leads and customers.  Take a gradual approach to reduce confusion and unexpected experiences (“how did I end up over here…?”).

jimmy donnellon – inbound marketing professional

Blog Post Written by Jimmy Donnellon

Jimmy is an inbound marketing professional with a background in public relations and marketing. Jimmy helps his clients found on the web, convert visitors into leads and helps them track their results.