5 Steps to Generating Leads off your Website

Generating LeadsYour website should be the hub for all your marketing events.  However, many websites don’t generate enough leads, if ANY!  Here are five simple steps to generating traffic and then converting that traffic into leads for your business.

1. Blog Regularly – Blogging does a few things for you.  First, each article you post gives you another page on your website (this is about 25% of the optimization game in Google’s mind-along with on-page optimization).  Second, each article gives you an opportunity to rank for a different keyword.

2. Participate in Social Media – Social media is a great way to grow a community around your personal brand or your company.  The bigger your community, the more traffic you will draw into your website.  If you provide valuable information through your social media outlets, people will spread the word.  Content is the key here.

3. Create Relevant Content geared toward your ideal customer – If you want to bring in QUALIFIED leads to your website, you need to create content that your ideal customer would be interested in or is useful to your idea customer.  You want to draw in the right kind of traffic…not just lots of traffic.

4. Create Compelling Offers on your website – Now that you’ve got people coming to your website, you need to be able to convert some of them into leads.  You do this by putting compelling offers on all the pages of your website.  You want your offers to appeal to your ideal customer.  Again, you are offering them something of value.  Content is the key.

5. Use Landing Pages to Convert Traffic into Leads – Landing pages, or conversion pages, are absolutely critical if you want to increase your conversion rate.  A landing page should be stripped of your normal website navigation.  This eliminates any distractions.  You want your visitor to fill out the form on your landing page and cash in on the offer you are giving them.  If your “landing page” is just another page on your website with a form, there are too many other places the visitor could run off to.

What do you think?  Does this process make sense?  Are you practicing this methodology on your website?