5 Ways to Boost On Page SEO for Your Builder Website

boost page seoIt’s not a secret that a high search engine ranking will help your building company get found online.  Off-page SEO is not a small task, but you can greatly improve your on-page SEO in just a few steps.  The key is knowing how to communicate with search engines to give them the information that they need to increase your page rankings.  Here are five tips to get you started.  You’ll be amazed at how quickly they make a difference for your on-page SEO.

1.  Have a Killer Headline
The two aspects that make a great headline are 1) an enticing and attention-grabbing message and 2) a keyword or phrase for optimizing the page.  The keyword or phrase will improve ranking for certain search queries.  Consider these aspects for sub-headlines and bolded text as well.

2.  Make Your URL Clean
Avoid a messy URL with lots of letters, numbers, and symbols as much as possible.  These URLs are very hard for web search engines to comprehend and are tough for builder clients to remember.  Consider URLs that are simple and organized with appropriate, relevant keywords.

3.  Provide Image Information
In addition to making your web pages more appealing to building clients, images make your pages more appealing to search engines.  First, it is important to give each image a relevant file name, such as “new-roofing-service.jpg” instead of “image1234.jpg.”  Second, use alt tags, which are little bits of code that let you tag images with short pieces of text.  Both the file name and alt tag information are stored in a web page’s URL, so they will get picked up by search engine bots.

4.  Title Tags and Meta Descriptions: Make Them Keyword-Rich
Title tags refer to the names of your pages.  They show up on browser tabs when the pages are open.  They are also displayed as headlines in search engine results.  Keep in mind that only the first 75 characters show up in the search engines.

A meta description is a short description underneath the title tag and URL in the search engine results.  The first 150 characters of these descriptions show up for searches.

5.  Don’t Forget About Internal Linking
In addition to linking to outside sources, provide links to some of your other pages.  This gives your building clients instant access to additional relevant builder related resources and and through the anchor texts (the texts that you link), provides more keyword clues for the search engines.

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Blog Post Written by Taylor Vowell

Taylor Vowell is a certified inbound marketing specialist with a background in graphic design and website development. www.tmrdirect.com