6 Signs Your Prospect Wants to Leave Your Website Without Converting

Website Conversion1.  Your website is static – Have you made any changes to your website in the last month? The last 6? A website should be a moving, breathing active being.  It can help you generate leads and sales for your business, but you need to have fresh content on a regular basis.  As easy way to do this is to have your blog or twitter account streaming through your website.  Also, you can add a news feed to your home page and update it with industry news or company news.

2.  Your content is dull – Is the content on your website interesting?  Does it provide useful information to your visitors?  Your content should be eye-catching and make your readers want to explore more.  Adding multimedia content is a great way to spice up your website.  Add some video, a presentation and some pictures.  In some cases an online game can be a great pieces of content to add.

3.  Your content is irrelevant – Is your content attracting the right prospects?  Are you using keywords to attract people, but then misleading them when they arrive?  It is important to make sure you are targeting your ideal customer/prospect/visitor when creating content.  You language and keywords that they would use to find you.  When they land on your website, you want them to think “this is exactly what I was looking for”.

4.  You have no “calls to action” – Do you have compelling offers that grab your visitor’s attention?  A call to action is typically a button with a special offer or a free download that draws the eyes of your visitor and moves him or her into action.  You should have 2 to 3 calls to action per page on your website so that no matter where that visitor lands, they have the opportunity to convert into a lead.

5.  You don’t offer anything of value – Is your website just a collection of pages that talk “about us” or describe your “services”.  Yes, these pages are important, but over 90% of the web is just looking for information.  Do you have any whitepapers, case studies or informational articles they can download?  It is perfectly acceptable to swap information.  They want some information about your company or industry and you want some contact information from them.  That’s okay as long as they feel the value is there.

6.  You don’t have any conversion forms – This may seem like a no brainer, but if you don’t have a conversion form, you aren’t going to capture a lead off your website (aside from a phone call or direct email).  Most people that contact you directly are farther down the sales funnel already.  Conversion forms that allow people to download articles give you a chance to capture lead data for people that are still in research mode and at the top of the sales funnel.