7 Ways to Increase Sales and Lead Generation on Your Builder Website

increase sales leads generationThe following 7 methods will increase your lead generation, providing more qualified leads and thus more sales for your building company.

1.  Improve the Positioning and Clarify the Message of Your Calls-To-Action (CTA): It is ideal to place your CTAs “above the fold” so people will see them without scrolling down.  Be as clear and specific as possible in your CTA.  For example, instead of a message that reads “Download Our Article,” have your message read “Download This FREE Article About Our Insulation Options.”

2.  Tweak the Formatting of Your CTA:
Include images in colors that stand out from your web site.  Double check your links.  For example, if you are linking an article, make sure that the link works.  Consider where you should link your CTAs within your web site, such as certain sub-topics or blog posts.

3.  Improve the Positioning and Clarify the Message of Your Landing Pages: Keep your landing pages and CTAs consistent.  For example, if you are advertising a free article, people should not see a download fee when they click the link.  The article should also match the topic mentioned in the CTA.

4.  Tweak the Formatting of Your Landing Pages: When people click the CTA link, they should arrive at a landing page that is simple, concise, and well laid out.  Emphasize the benefits of the page.  For example, you could include a line at the top of the insulation article about how much insulation will save you on your heating bills.

5.  Maximize Your Offers: Anything that is a compelling offer, such as a guide or webinar, should answer the question: “What’s in it for me?”  Provide links in your offers.  For example, a webinar should have a link back to your web site at the end.  Provide different offers for different parts of your buying cycle.  For example, a free demo or trial may not be appropriate at the same time as an ebook or guide.

6.  Clarify and Personalize Your Lead Nurturing Campaigns:
When you are trying to gain leads, your campaigns should have clear subject lines that grab readers’ attention.  The messages should be concise and easy to scan with a limited number of images.

7.  Measure and Test Everything: Experiment with different CTAs on your web site and compare the stats.  If views are low, consider areas of the CTA and/or landing page that you can tweak.  Don’t be afraid to try lots of variations.

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Blog Post Written by Taylor Vowell

Taylor Vowell is a certified inbound marketing specialist with a background in graphic design and website development. www.tmrdirect.com