Building Equity on the Web for your Building or Remodeling Business

build equity on webWe live in a new world right now.  The internet has empowered many businesses to grow faster and to a size they never could have reached before.  How?  Google and other search enginesbring hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of people to your office each month (your online office that is!)

On the flip side, the internet has made times rough for many local builders and remodelers.  Why??? Almost everything is done online now!  Many builders want to go cheap on building a website and then they don’t take the time to promote it or put work into it.  This is an ABSOLUTE tragedy!  The internet has given local businesses an amazing amount of leverage to compete with larger companies.

Building Equity on the Web

Today, you want to be building equity on the web…and it all starts with content.  Your website can be an extremely powerful lead generator and sales tool if you set it up properly.  Every piece of content you create (blog post, picture, video, webinar, etc.) is another opportunity for you to get found on the web.  Think about your website like a stock portfolio…start early and you will succeed.  If you add just a little bit to your portfolio each year, that number starts to grow exponentially.  This is similar with your website.  Each piece of content you create will start to bring in more traffic and leads to your website…and with leads comes sales.

The great thing about investing in your website is that your content never goes away.  Let’s say you are spending $1000 per month advertising in a magazine.  Let’s also say you get 5 leads from this ad each month (something tells me that’s pretty high, but we’ll run with it).  Next month, you have to pay $1000 again…and again.  Now, let’s say you took that $1000 and paid someone to write 8-10 blog posts for you.  Each month you’d add 8 more pieces of content to your web portfolio.  These blog posts will continue to bring in web visitors forever. 

Let’s extrapolate a little.  If you did this for two years, you would have 192 blog posts (8 per month), each bringing in streams of traffic and leads for you.  Now with the magazine ad, you would have spent $24,000 and brought in 120 leads.  This may seem great, but if you start to think about the blog posts piling up…you will see a snowball effect.  Even if each post brought you enough traffic to convert into 1 lead, you’re at 192 leads.  In year three, those posts will be even stronger and you will have 96 more articles in your portfolio.

Investing in your website is like investing in stocks.  Start early, be consistent and a few years down the road, you’ll see your business taking off!