Your Direct Marketing Team


Wes Powell - President

Wes is TMR Direct’s president and loves track days and car events. He frequently covers topics about integrating offline and online marketing efforts, marketing strategy and transforming businesses in declining industries. In his spare time, he hikes with his German Shepherd, Ranger.

Wes is an Inbound Marketing Certified Professional.

james-ravetti-1.jpgJames Ravetti - General Manager

As general manager, James is responsible for the operations of company, along with playing the role of integrator, making sure digital marketing and direct mail production work in harmony.  

James is an avid tennis player and loves spending time with his family.  


steve-tmr-direct.jpgSteve Nyrhinen - Customer Service Manager

Steve Nyrhinen is a direct mail veteran.  He even had hair when he started in the industry!  Kidding aside, Steve has experience and knowledge to help customers deal with their unique situation whether they want to prospect for new business or keep in contact with their customer base.  

On weekends, Steve loves being outside working on his 5 acre project or in the mountains camping, hunting, or 4-wheeling.


ruth-gardner-tmr-direct-1.pngRuth Gardner - Accounting Supervisor

Ruth takes care of all our bookkeeping and accounting functions at TMR.  She helps us stay on track with our budget and is a whiz with numbers.
When she's not hard at work, Ruth loves to water and snow ski, hike in the beautiful rocky mountains, practice yoga, read, volunteer, and spend time with family.

karen-powell-tmr-direct.pngKaren Powell - Human Resources

Karen is co-owner of TMR Direct.  She handles TMR's Human Resources as well as making sure that everyone is dotting their I's and crossing their t's!  Before TMR Direct, Karen worked for Boeing Corporation and Costco Wholesale.  When Karen isn't busy at TMR, you can find her either making her clients sweat as their personal trainer or out on a trail somewhere in Colorado.


ryan-allen-tmr-direct.pngRyan Allen - Customer Service Representative

Ryan is one of our most experienced project managers and has been with TMR Direct since it was called The Mail Room, Inc.  Ryan's attention to detail and experience handling a wide range of projects will ensure that you get the best possible experience.

Outside of work, Ryan enjoys playing with his Border Collie, Stripe, and watching Ancient Aliens.

john-conner-tmr-direct.pngJohn Conner - Customer Service Representative

John joined the team a few years ago after a decade of creative leadership as well as direct mail and print management in the nonprofit sector.  John's creative eye and editor's ear will help give your mailing clarity and impact. 


warren-matthews-tmr-direct.pngWarren Mathews - Production Manager

Warren ensures that everything in production gets done right, neat, and on time. He has been working here for 25 years, so he knows everything it takes to get the job done.

On the weekends, or whenever he can get away, you’ll usually find Warren on a golf course somewhere in the area. If you get the chance to join his foursome, I wouldn’t suggest wagering anything on the outcome.

tony-tmr-direct.pngTony - Inkjet Specialist

Tony can run any machine in the letter shop and we often ask him to do just that – occasionally, all in a single shift.
When Tony isn’t working he is usually fly fishing the various beautiful rivers across Southern Colorado or otherwise enjoying the great Colorado outdoors we’re blessed to live in. 

krista-tmr-direct.pngKrista Kemper - Inserting Specialist

Krista’s specialty is running our inserters, and especially our match-inserter. Krista can get better performance than anyone from our stable of inserters.

When Krista isn’t at work she is usually spending time hiking in the great Colorado outdoors with her daughter and grandchildren. 

kim-skinner-tmr-direct.pngKim Skinner - Shop Clerk

As you might imagine, dealing with the US Postal Service there are endless details that need to be adhered to. Kim is the person on our team that ensures that all the T’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted.

When she isn’t here at TMR, you could probably find her walking her yellow lab “Champ” or riding her mountain bike in Red Rocks Park. 

ken-tmr-direct.pngKen Harris - Production Specialist

Ken is our newest team member. We have been keeping him very busy learning how to run all the equipment in our facility. There is a great deal to learn, but Ken is coming up to speed well. 

Ken had a long and distinguished military career before joining TMR.  Ken enjoys cheering on his favorite college football teams and the New England Patriots. He also enjoys going to the opera with his wife.

spencer-powell-tmr-direct.pngSpencer Powell - Inbound Marketing Director

Spencer is the Inbound Marketing Director and can be found at least three times a week at a nearby Chipotle. He also spends his summers playing doubles volleyball. Spencer typically blogs about inbound marketing for small businesses and how to grow a marketing agency. 

Spencer is an Inbound Marketing Certified Professional and is HubSpot Certified.


steven-fielding-tmr-direct-1.pngSteven Fielding - Account Manager

Steven is an Inbound Marketing Specialist and loves to hike, bike, and walk everywhere! He specializes in SEO, content creation, social media management, lead nurturing, and other aspects of the Inbound Methodology.

Steven is an Inbound Marketing Certified Professional and is HubSpot Certified.

carly-farlow-tmr-direct.pngCarlow Farlow - Inbound Marketing Specialist

Carly is an Inbound Marketing Specialist and is passionate about all things marketing. You can find her either hiking with her dog, shopping or playing trivia on Thursdays. She focuses on all things inbound but is learning to be a mad coder and an analytical wizard.

Carly is an Inbound Marketing Certified Professional and is HubSpot Certified.

marion-boyce-tmr-direct.pngMarion Boyce - Account Manager

Marion is an Inbound Marketing Account Manager and loves living in our beautiful state of Colorado. She brings a unique combination of agency and client-side experience to the team and enjoys all things Marketing. Marion strongly believes in “going the extra mile” for our clients and making sure that our efforts create measurable positive results.

Marion is an Inbound Marketing Certified Professional.

2013-ByrneElectrical2433-803010-edited-869965-edited.jpgDanielle Winterberger - Inbound Marketing Specialist

Danielle is an Inbound Marketing Specialist who takes pride in learning new ways to deliver remarkable results. She has been on the marketing bandwagon ever since she was a server in college at Michigan State University (Go Green!) and learned how to increase her tips by categorizing each customer who entered the restaurant by persona and adapting to fit a story they would buy into. On any given day, you can find Danielle at her favorite yoga studio or gym, hiking the mountain trails of Colorado Springs with her Blue Heeler puppy, or trying out a newly found recipe from Pinterest.

Danielle is an Inbound Marketing Certified Professional.

brian-whipple-inbound-marketer-1.pngBrian Whipple - Account Manager

Brian Whipple is an Inbound Marketing Account Manager helping businesses with their marketing strategy and implementation. Brian’s main goal is to help his clients bring in leads and sales, increasing their bottom line. When he's not working with clients, Brian is spending time with his family or exploring the mountains and streams in beautiful Colorado.


nathan-sheppard.jpgNathan Sheppard - Inbound Sales Executive

Nate is an Inbound Sales Executive and recently moved back to Colorado Springs after spending four years in Maine. He brings many years of sales experience to TMR Direct and is excited to help you improve your marketing program.

When Nate isn’t working he is usually outdoors spending time with his family or playing basketball.

Nate is Inbound Sales Certified.