More ways to Drive Traffic to your Builder or Remodeler Website

Builder WebsiteIn my last post, I talked about three ways to start building more traffic to your builder website: 1) put your web address on everything in order to build your direct traffic, 2) start blogging on information that your prospects are looking for, and 3) optimizing your web pages for keyword phrases that your prospects are typing into search engines.  This time, I’d like to talk about a few more ways to get traffic to your builder or remodeler website, though these cost some money.  So, here we go:

4. Pay-per-click.  I know, you’ve probably run some pay-per-click ads in the past.  And, of course, when you checked Google Analytics, you saw that you had increased traffic.  But it probably didn’t get you any leads.  The problem with most pay-per-click campaigns is that the campaign dumps the person clicking on the ad on to the home page of your remodeler website.  If nothing on your home-page grabs their attention, they wander away and you’ve just wasted $3 – $5 dollars.  Since most web traffic is just in “information gathering” mode, it’s critical that you have some important information for them (and remember, it’s only important, if they think it’s important) that they are willing to exchange contact information with you.  Send them to a page set up just for this purpose – this is called a landing page.  It’s only reason for existence is to fulfill the offer that you made in your pay-per-click ad and to collect their contact information so you can stay in touch.

5. Direct Mail.  Yes, it’s old school.  But it works.  If you really know your target audience, you can rent a list that matches that demographic, say, single professionals who own a home that’s more than 10 years old and who make more than $65,000 per year in your market area.  Craft an offer that can only be fulfilled by going to your website or by calling your office.  Then, like with the pay-per-click ad, set up a specific landing page just to fulfill the offer so you can collect their information and stay in contact.

Since I’ve mentioned landing pages several times in my last few posts, are any of you using landing pages?  Also, I’m always interested in your thoughts and other creative ideas that you’ve used to drive traffic to your builder or remodeler website.

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