The 4 Best Ways To Ensure Your Customers Can Find You On the Web

The 4 Best Ways to Ensure Your Customers Can Find You on the Web resized 600In the modern Internet business environment, content marketing is king. All the top ways a business owner can ensure visibility on the Internet have to do with content marketing. Some of the most effective methods for achieving visibility and ubiquity are listed below.

1: Make Sure Your Website Is Ubiquitous

The word “ubiquity” refers to the overall presence that your websites enjoy on the Internet. For instance, your landing page is not the only page that can appear in the top listings of the major search engines for your chosen keywords. A sharp business owner can place his or her social media pages in the top rankings as well. This not only gives customers more reason to trust the business, but it also pushes more of your competition out of the top rankings.

The way to make the strategy work for you is to adopt tactics that will raise the rankings and trust factors of all your websites at once, rather than giving weight to one in particular over the others.

2: Different Pages In a Single Website Can Be Optimized for Different Keywords

This technique actually builds on the strategy that says you can have more than one page on the major search engines. You can also put multiple pages from the same website in the top rankings of the search engines. A good link-building strategy includes different anchor text for each separate page. This enables different pages on your website to score in the rankings for different keywords. If they are all related, you stand a much better chance of capturing your target audience.

3: Use Your Social Media Pages To Bolster Your Link-Building Strategies

Social media can also be used to boost link-building. First of all, business pages on major social media sites such as Facebook enjoy a degree of trust from the major search engines that new websites simply do not. One-way links coming from a social media page carry greater “link juice” than a one-way link from a page such as a blog. Also, it is much easier to get a one-way link from a page you control than to persuade another webmaster to create one; most likely, he or she may want something in return.

Social media pages also increase the ubiquity of a business because they can appear in the rankings of a major search engine as well. 

4: Start a Relevant Blog So People Can Find Information On Your Company Through Avenues Other Than Hard Selling

Blogs are incredibly useful in the modern online business landscape. They enable you to engage an audience without hard-selling them on your product or service. In a blog, a business owner may provide information, how-to guides, and other types of content marketing that are attractive to potential online consumers. On top of this, a successful blog can be linked to landing pages, providing even more direct links to the landing page as well as link juice for the major search engines. The blog itself can also be listed in the major search engines for added ubiquity.