Three Ways to Build Traffic to a Builder or Remodeler Website

Remodeler WebsiteIf traditional methods of marketing for your remodeling or building business don’t seem to be working any more, and there are many indications that they aren’t, how can you go about getting leads in this market?  Obviously, referrals from existing customers is a great way to get a warm lead, but if you haven’t built a strong referral network for your remodeling business, that may not be providing you the flow of leads that you need to make your sales consistent and growing.

There is a great deal of data, actual and anecdotal, that prospects today start their search on the web.  Since that is the case, how do you make it so your remodeler website can be found in that search?  And, if they do find you, how do you convert them into leads?  I just am going to talk about the first question in this blog post: getting more qualified traffic to your site.  Here are three ways to increase traffic:

1. Put your website address on EVERYTHING.  It seems obvious, but you need to make sure that prospects know what your website address is – especially if the address isn’t actually your business name.  A lot of us got cute when getting our url’s and made funky abbreviations of the company name, i.e. John Smith Remodeling Company becomes  If your website address isn’t your company name, see if there is any way you can obtain that address.  If someone can’t find you on the web by your company name, that’s not good.

2. Start a blog that is connected to your domain name.  As a builder and remodeler, you have a lot to offer prospects.  They are on the web searching for information that will help them make a decision about who to use for their project.  Help them make that decision by providing them with the information they need and the questions they need to ask before they take the plunge.  They’ll think of you when the time comes to buy.

3. Optimize your web pages for the words and phrases that your prospects are typing into Google and Bing.  Google indexes your pages and catalogs the words that it finds on them.  So, if you are a “high-end remodeler” in “Duluth GA”, it would be good to include those phrases in a page title, URL, and H1 tag on a page on your remodeler website so Google can return your web page as a result.

There are certainly more ways to drive traffic, but these a good start. 

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