TV Isn’t The Only Place Political Differences Are Being Aired


TV-Isnt-The-Only-Place-Political-Differences-Are-Being-Aired.jpgThere’s really no need to remind anyone that we’re in the midst of an election year. The Internet has been flooded with information for what seems like forever. Television news has already covered the election more than we’d perhaps like. And the TV ads are multiplying like rabbits.

But that’s not the only place political differences are being aired. Have you looked at your mailbox lately? If it’s not already jammed, it will be before the final decision is made.

Why is your mailbox so full? With all of the other glitzy and instant digital forms of information, why are political parties (and special interest groups) sending mail?There are at least two good reasons why organizations opt for this “old school” style of communication.

It Works: Direct mail may not be as flashy and sexy as some other forms of messaging, but it’s effective. Some people maintain that mail is Intrusive. It can be, but being intrusive is not always a bad thing. Sometime you have to get peoples’ attention, and direct mail does that differently than any other media. Recipients actually interact with it physically. It also has the ability to stick around longer and act as a reminder.

It’s Part of a Bigger Effort: A single postcard or letter probably isn’t going to change someone’s mind all by itself. It can, however, get someone thinking and pique their curiosity, and make them want to learn more. That’s why almost every postcard you see has a URL on it. But it’s not there just to let you know that the company or organization has a website. Smart mailers include a URL that takes readers to a specific landing page that talks specifically about the topic the mailing addresses.

Direct mail may seem like it’s “old school” but when it’s integrated other efforts (Social Media, and your website for instance) it leverages those capabilities as well. You may or may not enjoy receiving all of the political mailings that show up in your mailbox at this time of year. But however you feel about them, it’s important to remember that whoever sends them does it because they work.

How can you take advantage of that effectiveness for your business or organization?
Growing Leads with Direct Mail