Website Design vs. Website ROI

website design vs website roiLike many of the great debates throughout the annals of history (such as the hallowed “Chicken or the Egg?” debate), the question about the relative importance of website design as opposed to website ROI is not easily answered. Part of the problem is that there is a misconception built into the question. We’re getting off on the wrong foot when we talk about design versus ROI. The fact is that the two should be working together.

Another thing that confuses the debate about design and performance is the common misunderstanding that design is all about pretty pictures and flowing fonts. It’s not. Designers may win awards for the best looking website, but the real measure of a website’s success is how well it works—and that’s measured in traffic, leads, and conversions to customers.

Believe it or not, most good web designers understand that. But not all graphic designers are created equal. And a website design doesn’t work like a catalog design or a newsletter design. It’s important that your designer understands how your site works. It doesn’t matter how pretty the pictures are if your potential customers can’t get the information they’re looking for (and that includes making a purchase).

People don’t come to business sites for entertainment. They come for information and to do business. If you can engage them and entertain them at the same time, that’s great. But never sacrifice ease of use and accessibility at the altar of cleverness.

How your site looks is important. Your business card today isn’t a business card at all. It’s your website. You don’t want your “calling card” to look like your middle school nephew threw it together on the weekend. On the other hand, how your site functions is critical. If you’re fortunate enough to get a potential customer to your site, you want to be sure she finds what she’s looking for. So before you get too hung up on color combinations, images, and fonts, here are some key questions to ask:

  • Is my site clear—or is it confusing? Can a first-time visitor find what he wants?
  • Is my site easy to navigate? Does it make people “jump through hoops?”
  • Does my site encourage engagement and interaction? Are there clear calls to action and offers?
  • Does my site convert visitors to leads?
  • How does my site compare to my competitor’s site?

You might be surprised at how many businesses can’t answer the last two questions. And yet it’s absolutely essential business information. If you can’t answer those questions, we invite you to schedule a Free Inbound Marketing Assessment.


wes powell president of TMR direct

Blog Post Written by Wes Powell

Wes Powell is the President of TMR Direct. TMR Direct’s desire is to provide you with the practical advice you need to be successful using direct mail and inbound marketing to generate traffic, leads, and ultimately customers.