What Regular Business Blogging Can Do for Your Clients

What Regular Business Blogging Can Do for Your ClientsSo you want your business to be successful, and as a marketing agency you want your clients to be successful too, right? So why haven’t you started business blogging regularly yet? And why aren’t they? Yes, we’ve heard all the—you don’t have time, you don’t know what to blog about, you don’t have a technical bone in your body—you’re a marketer, not a techie, so why would you? According to Hubspot.com, businesses who create, optimize and promote their blogs get 55% more traffic and 70% more leads than those who don’t. The fact is, if you haven’t yet begun advising clients to start a blog as part of their overall marketing strategy then you’re doing them a disservice!

Here’s why.

Builds Website Traffic

You’ve heard all the Google Penguin and Panda stuff and how each of those algorithm updates caused companies to lose significant website traffic? Well, here’s the reason: both (in different ways) were aimed at improving the quality of the content marketing on the websites Google lists in search engine results. So if you want your clients’ websites to be found, they need to comply with Google’s requirements by regularly adding fresh information that contains appropriate keywords. There are only so many ways /times you can rewrite a marketing web page, but with business blogging running off of a robust content management system you can publish something different every day. It doesn’t even have to be about your products and services, as long as it contains the keyword.

Gives You/Your Client a Voice

Regardless of the line of business your clients are in, they have opinions about the things that happen in their industry. Heck, you probably have opinions about the things that happen in the field of agency marketing. Opinions that others whose fingers are less on the pulse than yours might be really interested in hearing. But where/how will they hear them? It’s not as if the press are lining up to ask you for commentary on anything and everything. That’s where business blogging comes in to give the owner a voice and an opportunity to publish his or her opinion in a forum where anyone searching for the information is likely to find it.

Establishes an Expert Reputation

So you’re an expert in your field, and your clients are experts in theirs. Of course they are—you wouldn’t be working with them otherwise. Getting the word out in the open market about their expertise is a little harder, however. This means that when prospective customers search for their services they have no way to know why they should choose your client over the next guy. Blogging regularly gives them the opportunity to establish a reputation online that customers can use as a guideline when they choose a vendor.

Provides Sharable Content

The whole social media thing is a nightmare for many of your clients, we know. Most businesses now have at least one or two social profiles, but the majority aren’t active because—guess why—they don’t know what to post. Business blogging gives you a hub around which the social media can revolve—post on the blog, then post a link to the blog on social media and ask a question to get conversation and engagement about it. And of course, it gives you a place to publish those killer calls to action that generate your best leads. It’s a no-brainer, that’s what it is.

Make blogging an integral part of every content marketing strategy for yourself and your clients, and you’ll start to see an increase in traffic and leads in no time.