What You Should Know About Timing Link Posts

timing link postsWhen it is important to maximize clicks, timing is everything. Make sure your quality content is in place for peak viewing and sharing times to get the best exposure for your brand. Whenever possible, use a strategy of participation in online communities, so the clicks come faster as your friends and fans see your content. Blog posts get the most viewing traffic early in the week – so prepare to publish your posts early in the day as well.  Most people read blogs in the morning and readership seems to fall off throughout the day. To get comments, views and links: the more you post, the better. Many popular blogs post multiple times per day.

When you publish something new, be sure to schedule notifications for Twitter and Facebook users as well.  Set up an account at HootSuite, which provides a control panel that allows you to automate messaging to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. This time-saving tool gives you the ability to notify your audience when they are likely to be looking for the information.

Much of the retweeting on Twitter occurs late in the afternoon and especially late in the week. On weekends, Twitter traffic slows to a crawl.

Research by Bitly (the popular link-shortening website) shows high traffic trends:

  • Twitter- early afternoon early in the week between 1pm to 3pm.
  • Facebook – 11am to 4pm, especially on Wednesday.
  • Tumblr – 4pm to 10pm, especially on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Facebook sharing is most often the highest around midday, at the end of the week and over the weekend. Things are pretty much dead from 8pm to 8am.  Timing can have a major impact on the success of your postings.  Experiment with different times to find the best for your audience.

jimmy donnellon – inbound marketing professional

Blog Post Written by Jimmy Donnellon

Jimmy is an inbound marketing professional with a background in public relations and marketing. Jimmy helps his clients found on the web, convert visitors into leads and helps them track their results.