Why Builders Need to Move Their Relationship Business Online

builders move business online renchYour building company has heard all about blogging, social media, and inbound marketing, but you’re skeptical because your business relies on reputation and relationships.  The web won’t change that.  This is true.  However, it makes business relationships easier both to develop and manage.  The online equivalents are all more scalable and cheaper.  Here are six examples with traditional tools and their online Relationship Business equivalents.

Company Calendar Moves to Twitter:
Many companies print calendars for customers because they are nice gifts and they kept a company’s name in front of customers all year round.  While this is effective, it’s expensive and the calendars eventually get thrown away.  Online, you can keep your building company’s name in front of potential leads and customers all the time with Twitter.

Golf Outings Move to Facebook:
Golf is a popular method for getting to know and building trust with prospective clients.  The process of the game allows you to see different sides of a person, thus allowing you to judge business partner potential.  Facebook accomplishes this same task much more cheaply and quickly.  Learn how these people spend their time outside of work.

Chamber of Commerce Membership Simply Moves Online For a More Effective Relationship:
The online tools won’t replace the real-world participation in such organizations, but they do allow you to get more out of them.  Build your relationships with the other organization members through LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, and you’ll have much more to talk about when you meet up with them in person.

Hiring Recommendations Move From Word-of-Mouth to Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn:
Spreading job opportunities online will spread the word much faster than you would be able to do in person.  For example, if you put out a tweet about a job opening to your 500 Twitter followers, even if just one person re-tweets the information, you’re likely to double the number of people who just got the message.

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Blog Post Written by Spencer Powell

Spencer is the Inbound Marketing Director at TMR Direct. Spencer specializes in helping clients create and execute effective inbound marketing campaigns.