Why Business Blogs are Like Fish Bait

why business blogs are like fish baitIf you happen to be a bass fisherman, you may know the name of Tom Mann—three-time world bass fishing champion who built a multi-million-dollar enterprise that has sold over one billion lures through major sporting goods and fishing retailers around the world. The secret to Tom’s success is revealed in the title of his book: Think Like a Fish. It’s a pretty simple concept: If you want to catch fish you need to think like a fish.

Many of us like to eat fish after we’ve caught it. There’s nothing like pulling it from the water and cooking it to perfection in a frying pan. The frying pan is important to you—but the fish isn’t interested in your frying pan. And if you go chasing after fish with a frying pan all you’ll get is wet.

In some ways marketing is like fishing. To catch a fish, you’ve got to offer it what it finds appealing—not what you think looks tasty. If you want to attract customers you need to think like a customer. If you’re trying to lure customers with a sales pitch or with “bait” that you think is attractive, you’re fishing with a frying pan—and your potential customers will be almost impossible to “land.”

Let’s be clear about something: Customers are not fish. You’re not trying to “hook” them. And you’re not trying to outsmart them or trick them. You are, however, trying to lure them into taking a closer look at your products or services by presenting them with something that’s attractive to them.

So what kind of “bait” will attract customers? Try offering them:

  • Something that helps them solve a problem they face
  • Information that helps them make a decision
  • Something that helps them achieve a goal (their goal—not yours)

But be aware: If you throw a frying pan (a sales pitch) into the water, your customers will swim away and take cover where you can’t find them.