Why Is Your Landing Page So Important (And How Can You Improve It?)

why is your landing page so importantA visitor’s first visit to your website is probably her first impression of your company or organization. Are you making a good impression?

When you drive viewers to your website, where do they land? Too many times, first time visitors to a website end up on the home page—where they get confused by multiple messages and options. What’s their next step? They leave.

You may know your way around your website, but your visitor probably doesn’t. Don’t make her sort through the options. You brought her there for a purpose. Help her accomplish that purpose. If she has a good experience, she may explore more. Or she may come back. If you frustrate her (by not enabling her to do what she came there to do), you’ll probably lose her. Here are some things that can help.

Keep navigation to a minimum: Don’t distract your visitor! Limit the number of exits from your landing page so that your visitor can focus on filling out your form. Chances are she’s there because she wants specific information that you’ve offered. She knows she needs to fill out the form to get it. So make it easy for her and don’t distract her. A key part of this is to hide your website navigation elements on your landing pages.

Provide value: Make sure you deliver what you promised. People hate “bait and switch” offers. If you promised a special report or a case study, make sure you deliver it. And don’t make your visitor jump through extra hoops to get it.

Adhere to the “Rule of One”: Only make one offer on your landing page. Multiple offers actually decrease responses. If your offer was a good one, that’s why your visitor is there. Give her what she came for.

Make it quick: The longer your form, the less likely people are to fill it out. Make it quick and easy. Don’t ask for information you don’t need.

Here’s more information about the importance of a good landing page.

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Blog Post Written by Spencer Powell

Spencer is the Inbound Marketing Director at TMR Direct. Spencer specializes in helping clients create and execute effective inbound marketing campaigns.