Why It Pays to Blog 2x a Week—Or More

Blog 2+ times a weekBlogs have become an important news source and a good way for companies to standout. In a global economy, a drastic change can affect an industry in a matter of minutes. If you want your blog to be a go-to source, you need to contribute to the online dialogue two times a week, or more, to stay relevant – a very big deal in today’s world.

A recent survey by Hubspot showed that the behaviors of blog readers resemble the behaviors of those who read newspapers, trade magazine and journals. Blog readers visit a few key blogs first thing in the morning and then check back periodically throughout the day.

  • 71% of responders said that blogs affect their purchasing decisions.
  • Just less than 50% of the responders read more than one blog per day.
  • Responders typically read between five and 50 blogs per week, with the majority reading between five and 10 per week.

Various factors contribute to the success of a blog. Readers may choose to follow certain blogs based on: 

  • Timeliness: Readers look for blogs that give them access to breaking news and information.
  • Frequency: Blogs that are published more than once per day have more views and links.
  • Relevance: A blog should speak to the intended reader’s interests and/or industry.
  • Unique: Blog readers look for insider information they can share with friends and colleagues.
  • Engagement: An engaging blog can enhance the relationship between a user and a brand.
  • Consistency: The goal is to become part of the daily, or weekly, routine of your readers.

Timely blogs become relevant and relevance is the number one reason blogs are retweeted on Twitter and shared on Facebook. Retweets and shares will help drive traffic to your blog. Blog readers look for a source that will enable them to find and share little known facts and information. This is a sure way to become a go-to source for your industry, which will eventually increase interest – and sales.

spencer powell inbound marketing certified professional

Blog Post Written by Spencer Powell

Spencer is the Inbound Marketing Director at TMR Direct. Spencer specializes in helping clients create and execute effective inbound marketing campaigns.