Why Juggle Social Media Tools When HubSpot Brings Them All Together?


Why-juggle-social-media-tools-when-hubspot-brings-them-all-togetherEven though there are a lot of really cool and useful social media tools and applications on the market, we use HubSpot social media tools. Before I go any farther, I need to let you know that TMR Direct is a HubSpot Certified Partner. This is the software we use when we build (or rebuild) clients’ websites.  And clients pay us to use this software. But it’s also the software we use in our own marketing efforts—and here’s why.

HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing toolset that brings together tools for blogging, SEO, social media, conversion pages analytics and keywords, along with a lead database, automated email tools and more. Instead of having to juggle a variety of tools for different aspects of social media marketing, we’ve got one set of tools that are integrated. They’re designed to talk to each other.

What that means is that the data from each of these tools is funneled into a centralized location that allows us (and our clients) to have a clear picture of the results of marketing activities today—and what needs to be changed for tomorrow.

It’s convenient, because everything is accessible in one place: Blogging, promotion, measuring and monitoring are all part of the same system. Not only is that convenient, but it makes valuable information accessible in a way that shows how all the pieces and parts come together. It enables us (and our customers) to have a big picture when it comes to putting out great content and measuring it to see how it’s performing.

It also plays well with other social media tools. You don’t have to abandon other good and useful tools you’ve been using, such as:

Keywords: You can create streams in Social Inbox to track the keywords that matter most to your business—and see who in your Contacts database is talking about them.

Lists: With Social Inbox, you can also create custom Twitter streams based on your HubSpot contacts lists. For instance, you could create a stream to monitor the activity of your customers or top prospects.

Blog: Easily promote your blog posts with the Social Publishing tool. It’s easy! Just click the “Attach a Blog Post” button at the top of the “Compose Message” screen.

Landing Pages: Landing pages can be promoted with the Social Publishing tool just as easily as blogs. Just click the “Attach a Landing Page” button at the top of the “Compose Message” screen.

Contacts: Your Contacts database comes into play when you are using the Social Monitoring tool—the Tweets in your social streams are color-coded to let you know who is a lead, customer and more.

Instead of juggling different tools and apps, you can have a platform that brings all of your information and data together in a way that you can control it and use it to make adjustments.

We use HubSpot because it works for managing our marketing efforts and making us more responsive and effective. If you’d like to see a no-obligation demo of how it could work for you, we’d be happy to share that with you.

Why juggle when you can manage?

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