Why You Should Make Fresh Blog Content a Priority

make-fresh-blog-content-a-priorityBlogs have two roles in today’s marketplace. One is communication and interaction with your audience. Number two is a search engine optimization benefit, which means higher visibility in search. The Internet gets updated constantly, but one of the recent critical search engine updates involves the freshness of your content. Adding fresh content to your blog will give you an advantage with both your readers and the search engines. Fresh, high-quality content is living content that is well-written, added to or updated on a regular basis. It is new content written for real people reading your blog, not the search engines.

However, nearly all of the search engines now have freshness filters that define “recency” as search criteria.  That means: how often does this blog page change or get updated with new, relevant content and when was the last time? You don’t have to write a blog post every day to stay ahead of the game; but it will definitely help! Try to add a photo to your text as well, to generate almost 50% more interest than in text alone.  More change is better than a little change. As you think about your blog strategy, keep in mind that fresh, focused content will help you serve two important goals:

  • Keep your human audience interested
  • Get your content noticed by search engines

Finding new and interesting content for your blog can be tough, but it is worth the effort to keep your visitors coming back and to get new visitors. The fact is, creating compelling and useful content on a regular basis will likely influence your blog more than anything else. Google’s search updates certainly reward fresh content, but only when frequent updates are high-quality and relevant. The key is quality writing and legitimate topics that matter to your audience. Don’t let your blog get stale!

taylor vowell inbound marketer

Blog Post Written by Taylor Vowell

Taylor Vowell is a certified inbound marketing specialist with a background in graphic design and website development. www.tmrdirect.com