Yeah, But Does Inbound Marketing WORK?

Inbound-Marketing, Website-Optimization, Growing-your-Business, Marketing-StrategiesIt’s not hard to find somebody somewhere on the Internet talking about the latest online tools that are sure to make your business successful. There are scores of shiny new “next generation” tools and apps designed to improve your online performance. And people get pretty excited talking about them. But if you’re like us, you want to know: “Does it work?” 

One of our company taglines is, “Delivering measurable results.” We think there’s a big difference between business and busy work, and just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you’re growing your business. If you’re going to take the time and spend the money (and yes, you need to do both) on efforts to bring in leads and new business, you need to do what works. 

Hold Your Horses! 

One thing we’ve discovered personally and with our clients is that things don’t happen overnight. There is no formula for overnight success. Things take time. Things also take discipline. You can’t jump from one thing to another all the time—getting all wrapped up in the latest tool. You need to develop a plan and work it. Sure, you make adjustments along the way. Sure you keep you eyes open for new tools that can help. But you focus on the goal—not the tools. 

That’s the approach we take when working with customers who want to improve their marketing efforts by optimizing their website and pursuing activities that will drive potential customers to their site—and generate leads. 

Yeah, But Does It Work?

That’s a fair question—and we’re glad you asked. One of our clients was generating less than 20 leads a month—and that just wasn’t cutting it. Over a period of 12 months (nope, it didn’t happen overnight) they got to the point where they were averaging 175 leads a month! Oh yeah, sales went way up, too.

If you’d like to find out what we did with them, what specific results they got, what they spent on inbound marketing, and what return they got on their investment, we invite you to check out the Website and Lead Conversion Case Study