13 Holidays That Offer Direct Mail Marketing Potential


13-Holidays-That-Offer-Direct-Mail-Marketing-Potential.jpgEveryone knows holidays are great for advertising purposes, including direct mail marketing. And there’s a good chance you’re already capitalizing on widely celebrated events like Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Halloween. But there are all kinds of wacky national “holidays” you could be taking advantage of, too. We’ve highlighted a few interesting choices for you.


  1. January 3 is Festival of Sleep Day, which would be a great day to market beds, mattresses or any other sleep-related products and services.
  2. January 8 is Bubble Bath Day. Why not send out tiny bottles of bubble bath to your prospects, so that they can celebrate with luxurious bubbles?
  3. The last Monday in January is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. Make sure your prospects can celebrate (and remember you) by sending out little pieces of this addictive wrapping material with your direct mail piece!


  1. March 6 is Dentists Day. What better day to remind your patients they should come in for a checkup?
  2. Popcorn Lovers Day is the second Thursday in March, and it’s a great day to send out small packages of popcorn along with your message, or preprinted popcorn bags with your logo on them.


  1. Own a sandwich shop? Make sure you celebrate National Hoagie Day on May 5 – with a coupon for a special offer, of course!
  2. May 9 is Lost Sock Memorial Day. Send out single socks with your message. It’ll be memorable and, who knows, maybe they’ll even create a matched pair or two!


  1. August 2 is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day. Send out invitations to your community to stop by for a treat to celebrate! You’ll get lots of foot traffic to your store or office!
  2. August 9 is Book Lovers Day. Create bookmarks to commemorate the occasion and send them to your prospective customers.


  1. October 5 is Do Something Nice Day, and what could be nicer than giving your target customers a discount coupon on a product or service or offering a BOGO sale?
  2. The first Wednesday of October is National Kale Day, which we think is the perfect day for a discount on pizza!


  1. December 7 is National Letter Writing Day – the perfect opportunity to send out letters to your customers. A simple thank you for their support over the years can be all it takes to get them back in your store!
  2. December 27 is Make Cut-Out Snowflakes Day. Send out preprinted snowflake designs with your message. Besides being certain to remember the piece, your customers and their kids may be inspired to make their own for some post-Christmas fun!

Every month has lots of wacky, fun and strange holidays you can leverage to market your business through direct mail. Here is a great website where you can learn more and find the ideal days for your industry. Have fun with it!

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