TMR Direct will help you execute your direct mail campaign flawlessly.

Direct mail marketing is a tried-and-true marketing channel.  It’s been around since before we were all born and there’s a reason smart companies like Google and Apple still use direct mail.  It still produces fantastic results today.

Direct Mail Delivers Your Message Directly to Your Audience

Have you ever used a coupon you received in the mail?  Have you ever signed up for insurance or a credit card after getting a letter?  Sure you have!  We all have.  It’s because direct mail works.

Direct mail works when the message, timing, offer, and audience are right.

There’s a Proven Process

  1. Goals, Budget, and Timeline
  2. Identify Your Perfect Audience and Customer
  3. Design the Campaign – great design helps you achieve your campaign goals and elicit a response
  4. Print and Mail – quality printing and mailing experts that can save you on postage and get your mail through the post office without any troubles
  5. Response Tracking and Follow Up

We’ve been helping organizations like yours for over 40 years, and we’d love to help you execute your next campaign.  Request a Quote Now.