Postcard marketing can enhance customer engagement and increase lead generation!

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Marketing has evolved. We can no longer send out masses of postcards and simply expect great engagement. Those days are gone, and integrated marketing services have become the main tactics for modern day marketing. Integrated marketing campaigns involve multiple channels including but not limited to: direct mail, pay-per-click, SEM, targeted Facebook ads, scheduled Tweets, supporting blog posts, unique call-to-action buttons, engaging landing pages, and follow-up lead nurturing emails. Marketing integration also applies to postcards. You want to market your content and have the individuals and groups receiving it absolutely love it.

We help our clients maximize interactions with their postcard mailings. Postcard marketing is a complex process, but here are few ways we can help!

  • Strategy – We work with you to define your goals and objectives and map out a plan for accomplishing them.
  • Lists – We optimize your mailing lists to make sure you are reaching your ideal customers.
  • Offer – Using data and marketing best practices, we create offers to maximize customer engagement.
  • Design – We’ll help you create a stunning design that stands out in the mailbox and drives your prospect to take action.
  • Response Mechanisms – Landing page, phone number, social media, product inventory – we discover great ways to turn your leads into customers!

Our postcard marketing services walk you through these processes and help you refine and enhance your postcard campaigns. If you are interested in learning more about our postcard marketing services, don’t hesitate to contact us, or if you are ready to request a quote, click the button on the side of this page!