TMR Direct is a direct mail and inbound marketing company located in Colorado Springs. Why Colorado Springs? If you have to ask, you haven’t been to Colorado, home of world class skiing, biking, hiking, fishing, hunting, camping, and other outdoor activities that you can do year round.

Since 1971, the TMR Direct team has been working with busy marketers to take the hassle out of producing their direct mail campaigns. With the advent of the internet, this objective has become even more critical as landing pages, social media campaigns and email/mail nurturing campaigns have become part of the mix. TMR Direct is a mash-up of “old school” direct mail know-how and “new school” inbound content marketing savvy.

Who We Work With

Most of our clients are marketers for mid-sized companies or organizations. They work with us because our expertise allows them to stretch their marketing dollars and minimize the brain damage of executing and integrating tactical direct mail campaigns that fit into their overall marketing strategy. We have many clients that have been with us for over a decade.

Why Partner with TMR Direct

If you’re looking for the cheapest marketing support out there, we likely won’t be a good fit for you. But if you’re looking for someone who will take your business seriously, take the time to understand your needs, be responsive to your calls, and work with you to improve over time, then you should consider working with us. We strongly believe that marketing campaigns are never “one hit wonders.” Rather, they’re thought-out, well planned and well executed long-term plans. It takes continuous improvement and evolution within a marketing strategy to grow a business or organization.

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