3 Creative Ways Businesses Can Use Direct Mail Postcards


3-Creative-Ways-Businesses-Can-Use-Direct-Mail-Postcards.jpgThere are a number of ways you can use direct mail as part of your overall marketing strategy in order to extend your reach to prospective clients. We’ve noticed that a lot of our clients have made increasing use of direct mail postcards.

That’s not surprising since postcard mailings are generally quicker to produce and less expensive to send than some other forms of direct mail. But you want to be sure you’re using postcards for the right kind of message. And you want to ensure that they grab attention—and generate response.

Let’s look at situations in which a postcard mailing makes sense and how your can be sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck when using it. Then we’ll look at three creative says you can use cards.

Consider Size and Copy

Just because they’re fast to create and inexpensive to send doesn’t make postcards perfect for every mailing situation. Keep in mind that what the USPS calls a “standard postcard) is only between 3 ½” x 4 ¼” to 5” x 6” in dimension. That doesn’t give you a lot of room for your message. Even “jumbo postcards” (more than 6” x 11 ½”) don’t give you enough space to be wordy. That means you’ll want to keep your copy short and to the point. Think of it as being a mailable billboard or a physical Tweet.Click here for more insights into copy that’s effective for postcard mailings.

Grab Attention

Because postcards are smaller than can be overlooked. You’ll want to make sure they grab attention. Again, you do have the option of using larger cards (which cost a bit more to print and mail). But you still want them to catch someone’s eye and make it very clear what you’re offering.That’s where the expertise of a skilled graphic designer can really pay off.

Link Cards to Your Website

Because you’re limited in the amount of space you have, you’ll want to include a link back to a dedicated landing page on your website. That’s where you can provide additional information and explanation. It’s also a great way to capture contact information (if you have a good offer).

Let’s take a look at three creative ways to use postcard mailings.

Event Promotion

Postcards make great announcement pieces. You can use them as a “Save the Date” reminder. This is particularly effective if it’s an event that your clients or prospects are expecting anyway. As mentioned above, you’ll want to link the card to a landing page that describes the event in more detail and allows people to RSVP. Because these mailings are relatively inexpensive, you’ll likely want to send several cards leading up to your event as a reminder.

Coupon Marketing

Retail stores and restaurants often have great success using postcards as coupons. You don’t need much explanation so the format lends itself to a simple bold message (“Bring this card in for 25% discount!”). An additional advantage is that you’ve already put the coupon in your prospect’s hand. There’s nothing to print out. It’s ready to use.

Multi-stepTeaser Campaign

We’ve seen clients use a series of postcards in a kind of teaser campaign. If your company has a big announcement to make, you can “tease” clients by providing them increasing amounts of information with each card.  That builds anticipation and reminds them that they want to be there for the big event.

As long as you respect the limitations of a postcard mailing (and by that, we’re talking about size) and are willing to be creative with your approach, you can save money, reach prospects effectively, and drive prospects to your business. But you need to make sure you follow strict postal regulations to get the best rates—and that your message and your call to action are clear.

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