3 Things to Avoid in a Direct Mailer


3-things-to-avoid-in-a-direct-mailerIt can be difficult to carry out a successful direct mail campaign. While there are several steps people can take to ensure success, many make the same mistakes on more than one occasion. This virtually guarantees their direct mail ends up in the trash.

Why We Try So Hard

For many people, direct mail campaigns are a little pricy, so companies try to go above and beyond to ensure that people are responsive to mailers and content. Because organizations typically think with their marketing brains, they often focus too heavily on return on investment. Unfortunately, this mentality is what often creates common mistakes that turn recipients off to what direct mail is trying to say.

1.  Overly Enthusiastic Tag Lines

Text in all caps, like “FREE MONEY,” is simply not believable. There might be a handful of people who fall for that trick, but the majority of people who receive mail touting those types of promotions do not get a positive response. Also, don’t tell the consumer how to feel. Don’t tell them “they won’t believe this” or that you have something “they can’t resist.” People like to feel they have the choice to decide what they think about what you have to offer.

2.  Tacky Embellishments

People aren’t interested in fake post-it notes and loud fonts anymore. Those things distract from your point and don’t help create a positive image for your brand. You must be intentional with how you present yourself to the recipient of this type of marketing. While it can be challenging, there are ways to be successful with direct mailers.

3.  We’ve All Done It

We have all carried out a direct mailing campaign that flopped. When you think back on what happened, a few classic mistakes were probably made. The standard for direct mailers has been relatively low for many years, so people often don’t trust themselves to be the one business that changes the norm. Say goodbye to fear of failure! Try something new, and see if it works.

Techniques That Work

There are several ways to impress people with your direct mail. Many people take the postcard route because it makes their content quickly accessible. If you choose to use an envelope, experiment with different pops of color, embossing different parts of the lettering to create texture, and don’t be afraid to use nontraditional shapes that will draw attention to your mail. Keep your font contained. Using something simple but distinct that shows your professionalism. It will also give the recipient an opportunity to consider what you have to say without feeling like your message is being forced on them.

Learn From Your Own Experience

If your company is thinking about doing a direct mailing, take in to account how you respond to different types of mail that arrive at your home. Why do you throw certain things away? When you stop and think about what pushes you to open an envelope, you will be able to have more creative ideas for your own business.

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