4 Favorite Creative Print Marketing Examples


4-Favorite-Creative-Print-Marketing-Examples.jpgSometimes it’s inspiring, educational, and just plain fun to take a look at what other businesses do with their direct mail efforts. In that spirit, here’s a look at four of our favorite direct mailings that exemplify creativity and innovation.  We hope you’ll be inspired you as you think through your direct mail approach moving forward.

Creativity certainly isn’t limited to the borders of the United States.  Here’s a brilliant example from JWT Agency in London that’s clever, eye-catching, and effective!4-Favorite-Creative-Print-Marketing-Examples4.jpg

The mailer looks like the kind of card a postal worker would leave behind when a package is too large to fit in a mailbox. But the campaign was all about the new “Chunky” candy bar from Kit Kat. It listed the reason for not being able to deliver the sample was that it was “TOO CHUNKY for your letterbox”! And then it directed the recipient to the nearest news kiosk to pick up a free sample. Not only did it raise awareness for the new candy bar, but it also stimulated engagement between the recipients and the local shopkeeper.

Image from D&D Advertising design by JWT London.

4-Favorite-Creative-Print-Marketing-Examples3.jpgHere’s another extremely creative piece created for attendees at a health care trade show. The package looks like a well-traveled suitcase and inside were a passport (which recipients could get stamped for prizes) and a treasure map (of the trade show floor) showing the location of the company’s booth.

4-Favorite-Creative-Print-Marketing-Examples2.jpgThis campaign for a senior living center breaks the conventional approach in that, instead of showing the typical shots of a senior living center focused on celebrating “The Adventure of Life.” The images remind seniors of great times and memories. Plus the package (with its twine binding) begs to be opened.

4-Favorite-Creative-Print-Marketing-Examples5.jpgWho says plumbers don’t have a sense of humor? This creative card for a local plumber takes advantage of a seasonal celebration and makes recipients do a double take. Seeing something familiar in an unusual setting is a great attention-getter. Plus, it addresses a common problem people face: You get plumbing problems at the worst possible times (like Christmas).

As much fun as it is to enjoy the creative aspects of these mailings, the main thing to keep in mind is that the main goal of your direct mail project isn’t to entertain, amuse, or even get noticed (as important as those things may be). The main goal is to generate response. You want to engage clients and prospects and move them to take action. So let your creative juice flow, but make sure that your message and your offer are clear and that recipients have a fool-proof way to respond to the pieces you send.

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