4 Methods Direct Mail Can Integrate with Other Forms of Marketing

4-Methods-Direct-Mail-Can-Integrate-with-Other-Forms-of-MarketingThe role of direct mail in a multichannel marketing strategy is something like the role of grass in a bird’s nest. It has to be woven in so well you don’t see  individual strands. It strengthens strategy and adds color without being the hub around which the process hinges. Below are four methods of integrating direct mail with other marketing to create a multichannel strategy.

Website Integration

The most obvious integration of direct mail with other forms of marketing is driving traffic to your website. Marketers send out direct mail campaigns containing information about a contest, special offer or discount available via their website. Recipients open their mail, see the offer and go online to  sign up. This not only achieves more visitors to the site but it also creates an opportunity to collect leads.

Television and Radio

Consumers are worn out with audio-visual advertising. Many now record favorite programs primarily to fast-forward through commercials. The money  to produce a TV ad is largely wasted unless you can get eyeballs onto your ad. Sending direct mail notifications of the campaign helps to raise awareness and generate viewers, provided you include time and date of ad runs and an incentive to view. For example, the mailing could contain a contest entry with a question to which the answer can only be found in the ad.

Event Marketing

One of the most common uses of direct mail is event notification. This builds “stickiness” by giving details of early registration options, special rates and other benefits. So, if you want to get people to your meet and greet, you have to tell them about it. All those who have tuned out email need to be reached another way. Direct mail, personalized and attractively packaged, wins the race every time.

Outdoor Marketing

Building brand awareness doesn’t come easy. You can spend a fortune on billboards, bus shelters and other outdoor advertising and still have nobody actually notice the ads. Send direct mail shot containing the same imagery and motivate recipients to look for the outdoor platforms. This is more likely to generate interest and recognition of your ads.

Direct mail is another form of content marketing. The difference being it takes place in the real world, not online. But the purpose is the same—to create awareness and generate sales leads for your business.

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