4 Reasons You Should Use Email Marketing

Guest Post – Ethan Beute of Bomb Bomb

At BombBomb, a video email marketing company, we obviously believe in the power of email (and video!).  We know it’s an extremely effective way to build relationships with prospects, customers, colleagues, and community.

With the recent announcement by Hubspot conveying a significantly increased commitment to email marketing, now is a great time to take another look at this relatively mature, yet highly effective marketing channel.

If you’re not yet using email, not yet fully committed to the channel, or not yet using it effectively, here are 4 reasons to give email marketing more of your limited time, attention, and resources.  Watch the video, then check out the short write-up.

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Here are 4 reasons, among many, why you should use email marketing.

Reason 1:  Return on Investment

For the past decade straight, email has remained the king of ROI among digital marketing channels.  On average, email returns $40+ in revenue for every $1 invested in the channel.  This is about twice as good as search marketing and display ads and about four times better than social and mobile.  So, even as the channel matures, email return on investment continues to prove its cost effectiveness.

Reason 2: Preference for Email

Though consumer-to-consumer communication has fragmented across email, texting, and social media, your B2B and B2C prospects and customers still prefer to hear from your business or organization by email.  Recent research shows preference for email over digital marketing formats, like text messaging, pre-roll video, Facebook ads, banner ads, mobile ads, and similar.  This holds true across demographics and genders.  In addition, email is – by far – the top daily, digital activity of both digital natives (Gen Y) and non-natives alike.

The reason for this is that email is a permission-based, opt-in marketing channel.  If you’re using it properly, your recipients have told you they want to hear from you by email and you’re sending them timely, relevant, and targeted messages.  This is a best-case scenario for any marketing effort.

Reason 3: Primary Function of Email

Email is the great connector, the activator, the workhorse; it’s where business gets done.  Email marketing is the centerpiece of a strong and well-integrated online marketing strategy.  When sent in a nice HTML template, email allows you to send calls to action wrapped inside a branded environment.  These calls to action should be sent in a targeted way and can help direct traffic.  Your email CTAs may direct people to your website, your blog, your social media pages, specific landing pages, or anywhere else.  These conversions to destinations should be a combination of where you need or want the people on your list to go and where the people on your list would find value.

Reason 4: Measurable Results

TMR Direct is all about delivering measurable results.  So is email marketing!  Like most online marketing channels, email provides rich data.  Delivered emails, email opens, link clicks, video plays, document views, and much more are available by email, by send, and by individual recipient.

Keeping an eye on these analytics not only tells you about past performance, but also helps improve future performance.  You’ll understand your lists better.  You’ll understand your individual recipients better.  You can improve your subject lines, headlines, email content, offer structure, or anything else you send, track, and tweak.

Email marketing helps build and nurture relationships.  It’s a closed channel that’s permission based.  It’s a great complement to your other online marketing tactics and part of a healthy overall strategy.  Because it’s a mature channel, there are many resources available to inform your efforts.

If you’re not sending good email, it’s time to give it another look.

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Blog Post Written by Ethan Beute

This post was written by Ethan Beute, Chief Marketing Officer.  BombBomb video email marketing software gives you complete email marketing, plus the power of video, the reach of social, and the convenience of mobile.