4 Ways Builders Can Shorten Their Sales Cycle Through Marketing Automation

shorten builders sales circleInstead of simply focusing on getting traffic for your builder web site and turning it into leads, look beyond into the world of inbound marketing.  If your leads don’t amount to anything after they are in your database, it is time to focus on marketing automation.  There are several advantages to marketing automation.  Not only does it lower your cost per customer and cost per lead, but it shortens your sales cycle, allowing you to make more sales in a shorter amount of time.  What is there to lose?

1. Marketing automation: Score Leads for Relevance and Quality
You want to prioritize leads so that the only leads that get to the sale team are qualified and ready to purchase.  This ensures that the sales team will be talking to people who know what their problem are and have some education about how your team will be able to help them solve them.  This will maximize your team’s productivity.

2: Marketing automation: Let it educate people so your sales don’t have to education them!
That’s a little bit of a stretch, but your marketing automation software content will educate your customers.  Marketing automation will nurture customers through behavior-based triggers that indicate their interests and thus the content that will be most relevant for them.

Instead of tying up your sales people with these tasks, the software will take care of everything, freeing up your sales staff for other work.  It also removes the guesswork that would be required by the sales people.  They don’t need to waste time discussing topics that customers don’t need.  Instead, put your sales staff to work continuing this education process with targeted conversations.  For example, if you already know that a customer is interested in new windows for a building, have a salesman discuss specific options that your company offers.

3. Marketing automation: Get quicker response time.
Marketing automation allows you to set up events that trigger quick, relevant responses from your clients.  By responding right when the customer signals interest, a salesman can provide immediate potential solutions, greatly increasing the chances of a quick sale.

4.  Marketing automation: Follow up will be faster, easier, and more personalized.

As a building company owner, you know that sales teams are very busy.  Anything that can be done to increase their productivity is a good thing.  Marketing automation significantly reduces the time required for this process while making it easier and more personalized.

taylor vowell inbound marketer

Blog Post Written by Taylor Vowell

Taylor Vowell is a certified inbound marketing specialist with a background in graphic design and website development. www.tmrdirect.com