5 Builder Marketing Tips for Effective Calls to Action

Call to ActionNearly every builder website out there has a goal, some action they want their visitors to take. Typically, the goal of a builder or remodeler’s website is to generate a lead – either someone coming through a landing page or contact form.  Or better yet…a phone call!

A call-to-action is the copy or graphic you place on your website to grab your readers’ attention and get them to take action. Well-designed calls to action will radically increase a website’s conversion rate.

So what makes for a well-designed call to action?  Here are 7 things that will really help improve your conversion using calls to action.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Use exact measurements of time in your call to action text. Phrases like “click now” or “try our services today” give the user a sense of how easy and immediate the results will be.

Use Numbers

Numbers are extremely powerful.  “7 Days left to Try” or “15 Online Marketing Tips…”

Provide a Specific Action

Make your call to action as specific as you can. Instruct the visitor exactly what you want them to do and how you want them to do it. Try to avoid vague statements and just tell them to click, sign up, contact us or download.

Call to Actions Should be Clickable

Your call to action should have “clickability“.  If it your call to action is in text form, make sure it is underlined and it helps if it is the standard blue that most people associate with links. Buttons should have a 3-dimensional aspect that really makes them pop.  When you move your cursor over the call to action, it should change form to let the user know it is a link.

Positioning is Key

In general, calls to action “above the fold” (meaning they are in view without having to scroll down the page) do very well.  Placing your CTA in a sidebar won’t get you as many clicks as one in the main content area.

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