5 Tips for a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

5-tips-for-a-successful-direct-mail-campaignIn direct mail, there are many key components to a successful campaign. Direct mail campaigns can easily flop, so learning proven techniques for ensuring success is crucial. The first step towards victory is reviewing the misguided traditions of failed direct mail campaigns.

What Not To Do

Direct mailers require precision in all areas – content, form, size and the like. Although myriad resources exist to help marketers avoid common mistakes, many continue implementing bad practices in direct mail marketing.

Enticing readers with fake hype. Including corny phrases on the envelope like “FREE MONEY” doesn’t make the recipient care about the contents. In fact, these phrases lower perceived value and likely guide the mail to the trash can more quickly.

Not fully explaining your business. Don’t assume the customer knows about your product. Include important practical tidbits to describe the business, services, or products offered.

Ignoring weaknesses. Use the content of direct mailers to create a foundation of trust between your business and the recipient. Acting invincible doesn’t attract new customers. Acknowledging weakness creates relatable vulnerability consumers can connect with.

Ingredients for Success

While the negatives are good reminders, marketers should focus on the keys for developing an effective direct mailer.

1. Focus on your target audience. Sometimes this means pausing the creative process to reevaluate the focus of the campaign. Research and develop a solid idea of who your trying to reach. Rebranding is often a necessary byproduct of a new target audience. It shouldn’t be extensive, but your brand should clearly point towards intended recipients.

2. Add incentives. Don’t send a mailer without including a financial promotion. Adding value through discounts, rebates, and other money deals makes your mailer more impactful. People need a reason to keep reading, to open the envelope, and to take action.

3. Make your brand stand out. From the logo to tag lines, your brand should distinguish your business and product from competitors. Company values should be easily identified, and creative energy behind your company should be tangible through the designs featured on the mailer.

4. Never neglect using a quality printer. Make sure the finished product looks professional and appealing. Low quality printing gives the essence of immaturity and lack of experience. Emulate success in all areas of the mailer.

5. Choose a distinct medium. The medium of your message should reflect your message. If you’re advertising your spring sale, a postcard is a good choice. If your charity is soliciting donations, a personalized appeal letter is more appropriate. The form of your mailers should elicit attention and spark curiosity.

Direct mail campaigns are incredibly important to businesses offering unique services and products. New businesses greatly benefit from conducting well-designed direct mail initiatives. The mailers increase exposure and win new clients.

New or established, all businesses should pay careful attention to the material they feature in direct mail. To receive a worthwhile return on investment, direct mail campaigns must show creativity and intentionality. Recipients want to feel valued by the material, so cater content to show new levels of professionalism and innovation. Make your mailers memorable by instituting these five proven techniques of success.