5 Triumphant Tweeting Tips

5 truly triumphant tips for tweetingThanks to its interactive and social nature, Twitter is one of the most effective ways to build and cultivate leads. Now that you’re on Twitter, it’s important to ensure that you’re utilizing this tool to its full capacity. Your Twitter marketing could be the difference between a successful social media strategy versus one that falls flat. So how can you leverage this medium? By tweeting content that targets your ideal audience. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Tweet when users are online. Yes, technically people will be using Twitter at every moment of the day, but you want to send your tweets when they have the best chance of being read and re-tweeted. By leveraging the natural pattern of user interaction, you’ll strengthen your Twitter marketing strategy. Research shows us that the best time to tweet is in-between 8 am and 7 pm. Tweeting outside of these times will only consume energy that you could have redirected to other parts of your social media strategy.
  2. Put links in your Tweet. A strong Twitter marketing plan will capture the attention of users, leaving them wanting more. Unless you make “more” easily accessible to the user, chances are they will leave without researching your homebuilding business on their own. This is why it’s vital to link to your website in as many tweets as you can. However, don’t bombard your followers and the Twitterverse with links to your site, as this could be seen as spamming. Instead, include backlinks wherever it feels natural. 
  3. Invest in landing pages. Instead of simply tweeting generic links to your website, consider investing in custom landing pages for Twitter users. Analytics show us time and time again that custom pages have a greater effect on first-time visitors. It’s easier to lead users through a systematic sales funnel on a custom page than it is on your website as a whole.
  4. Engage. Remember, the secret to success in any social media strategy is to engage users. In Twitter marketing, this means that you can take advantage of the @reply, perform customer service or even follow users you’d like to target! The more that you engage the Twitterverse, the more exposure and response you will receive from users. Also, engaging users helps you avoid the common mistake of only tweeting self-promotional content. If your Twitter account only focuses on your homebuilding business, then chances are that you’ll eventually scare customers away. Instead, provide useful content that genuinely helps those needing services in your niche.
  5. Use hashtags. Think of hashtags as a vital part of your Twitter marketing strategy. Similar to SEO on your website, hashtags allow your tweets to be found and connect to a larger conversation. In fact, there’s even research that shows that the proper use of hashtags can even inadvertently strengthen your SEO efforts.

Aside from the considerations that are specific to the platform, your Twitter marketing strategy should also employ tactics from basic social media marketing. In short, you want to focus on providing useful content, which will naturally allow you to promote your business. Being too self-promotional can hurt, but being helpful will pay limitless dividends.