5 Ways to Get Your Builder Blog Content Re-Tweeted

5 ways builder retweetAll social media users hope that once they’ve put content out there, users will share it and interact with it.  As a building company owner, you have the same goals.  Following a few simple guidelines can make it much more likely for your content to get more exposure.  With Twitter, it is important to retweet the right way, but it is just as important to get other users to retweet your content, too.

1.  Discuss Current Events: The vast majority of the retweeted content on Twitter is news related.  Consider content that is specific to your business as well as other breaking news.  People come to Twitter looking for the newest information about breaking stories.  You will get retweets simply by sharing this content yourself.

2.  Understand Your Audience and Tweet Relevant Content for Them.  Don’t Be Overly Promotional.  Share specific information that is relevant to your followers.  People want content that is intelligent, credible, and valuable.  Be proud of what you can share about the building industry and don’t dumb down the information.  Use your tweets as a way to build interest in your industry, not simply to promote it.  People are much more likely to retweet valuable information than they are promotional ads.

3.  Include Links to Your Web Site: Even if you have a link to your building company web site in your profile information (which you should!), you’ll have to share it on a regular basis to increase traffic.  Providing links will also increase your chances of getting retweets.  If you have 2,000 followers and even one of them retweets one of your posts to his 2,000 followers, your original tweet’s audience has instantly doubled.

4.  Retweet Others and Ask Them to Retweet You as Well: One of the best ways to get users to start retweeting your tweets is to retweet theirs.  Look for information related to your industry that will be relevant for your followers as well as other popular information, such as breaking news (remember tip 1?).  Don’t be afraid to encourage others to retweet your information.  The simple inclusion of the words “please retweet” significantly increases retweeting.

5.  Include Social Media Share Buttons in Your Web Content:
If you have visited any web sites in the last year, you have most likely seen social media share buttons.  Include them in your blog posts and other online articles so people can promote your building content easily and quickly.

spencer powell inbound marketing certified professional

Blog Post Written by Spencer Powell

Spencer is the Inbound Marketing Director at TMR Direct. Spencer specializes in helping clients create and execute effective inbound marketing campaigns.