5 Ways To Improve Email Templates

email templatesEmail templates can affect the open rate and how recipients respond to marketing communications. When the consumer opens the email to the right message with a poor layout, the sender can lose the recipient as a subscriber. The person may even be discouraged from opening future communications. People have to be engaged immediately, and for marketers, this means creating a great reading experience. Tweaking the template can really improve the success of any campaign. Here are some quick changes a person can make to an email template to enhance their marketing efforts.

Since consumers look at their emails in multiple formats, the emails should be optimized for desktops, smart phones and tablets. An image added to the template that prompts a reader to take a particular action can be extremely effective in encouraging multiple clicks and thus more interaction with a company’s brand. Images used in emails allow a person to quickly act on the call to action on smaller screens and tablet devices.

Scrolling is an action that users have to make as they navigate the web. In terms of usability and accessibility, the marketer is encouraged to keep the margins as tight as possible. In theory, a person shouldn’t have to scroll horizontally to view the contents of a website. The same is true for emails. The template should be changed to be no wider than 600 pixels.

Take advantage of personalization opportunities whenever possible. If the emails are targeting a specific audience, the colors and images included in the message should be chosen with the various audiences in mind. Improve response rates by addressing the person by name and tweaking the content for a specific audience by modifying the template through images and colors.

Adjusting the template to make the links stand out will draw attention to the text when included in the content. Pay careful attention to the keywords used in the links, ensuring that they make it nearly effortless for a person to figure out what to expect when clicking on the link provided.

The template should also be branded. Many companies send communications from basic templates that include no personal branding. The person reads the material and is unable to make any connection to the marketer. The template should include something that connects the reader to the brand such as a tagline, corporate logo or banner of some sort. Using the basic, generic template is sometimes unavoidable, but it doesn’t take much to add several branding elements to the template.

The slightest change in an email template can improve the audience’s response to the content. Subscriber rates, lead generation and click-through rates improve when the templates are modified so the reader doesn’t have to work hard to read and respond to the content.

Photo courtesy: theworstkeptsecret.com