6 Common Direct Marketing Questions


Direct-Mail-Best-Practices, Direct-Marketing, Direct-Marketing-StrategyOur digital age provides more advertising opportunities than ever before, yet direct marketing remains one of the most effective advertising tools available. With so many direct marketing opportunities available—from text messaging promotions to direct mail promotional letters—business owners looking to implement direct marketing for the first time are often understandably confused. To ease this confusion, read on for answers to the top seven inbound marketing questions.

How can a new business profit from creating a mail campaign?

Although more expensive to implement than digital marketing strategies, a direct mail campaign offers certain advantages. For one, certain segments of the population are still not internet-savvy. When offering a service that would benefit older persons and those not familiar with online advertising, direct mail is a far more effective strategy. It also tends to have a longer reach, as a piece of direct mail may sit on a consumer’s desk for months, warranting many glances. For optimal direct mail effectiveness, include a self-addressed stamped envelope to invite a consumer response.

What are the most effective direct marketing techniques?

Limited Time Offers are often quite effective, encouraging ambivalent consumers to commit to a purchase. A limited time of opportunity incentivizes the consumer to spring into action rather than postpone a purchase indefinitely. Simple, articulate campaigns that project a sense of authority are often highly effective. Make it simple for the consumer to respond to your direct marketing offer.

What is the biggest mistake made in direct marketing?

The biggest mistake is not following up with potential consumers. If a consumer expresses any interest in your first marketing attempt, you should follow-up with a stronger marketing push. Call, mail or digitally follow-up with any consumer who responds to your first marketing attempt.

Who should businesses reach with direct marketing materials?

Since most businesses attain 80 percent of sales from only 20 percent of their customers, direct marketing campaigns are most effective when targeted towards that 20 percent. Before launching a direct marketing campaign, carefully research your consumer demographics in order to target your best prospects for potential sales.

How can direct marketing distinguish you from your competition?

Before you launch a direct marketing campaign, you must determine how to differentiate yourself from your competition? Will you offer lower prices? Better customer service? A higher quality product? Determine your niche and then emphasize the unique characteristics of your business in your direct marketing materials.

What is the most important word in direct marketing?

FREE. Include a free offer with your direct marketing campaign and watch consumer response soar. Emphasize the word “free” in your marketing materials, and back it up with a quality free offer to encourage consumer response.

What one detail increases consumer response by 50 percent?

A 1-800 number can increase consumer response by up to 50 percent. Include a 1-800 on every marketing material that you send a consumer. Make sure to set your 1-800 number in bold print and position it in a prominent location on your ad or marketing material.

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