7 Reasons Postcard Marketing Can Be a Great Choice


7-Reasons-Post-Card-Marketing-Can-Be-a-Great-Choice.jpgAt TMR Direct, we’ve noticed an increase in the number of our clients who are successfully using postcards as part of their overall direct marketing strategy. What is it about this type of mailing that makes them so attractive to so many customers? Here are seven reasons why postcard mailings can be a good choice for your marketing efforts.

  1. Quick Production Time: There are times when you have to take advantage of an opportunity to reach customers and prospects right away. A card mailing is usually quicker to design (the format is kind of set already!), print and mail than conventional direct mail packages, so you can get them out sooner.
  1. Low Cost: In addition to taking less time to prepare, postcard mailings also take a smaller bite out of your marketing budget. Because they require less material and handling, card mailings tend to be considerably less expensive than fliers or envelope packages. That can actually allow you to touch prospects more often for the same amount of money.
  1. Friendly Format: People are used to receiving cards in the mail. They are familiar and transparent as well. Recipients pretty much know up front what the message is, so they don’t have to decide whether or not they are going to open the package.
  1. Quick Read: Busy people are more apt to engage with a mailer that doesn’t look like a heavy read. As long as you don’t try to cram too much information onto the card, you’re likely to get your message across quickly.
  1. Forced Focus: This is a benefit to both you and your prospects. The smaller format forces you to focus your message and restrict it to one main message. In turn, it’s also easier for your recipient to respond. They’re not juggling too much information. It’s a simple choice for them.
  1. Stickiness: Card mailings tend to stick around. If you’ve got a good message and a solid offer, prospects will hang onto the card. It doesn’t take up much space. People can stick it on the refrigerator or tape it to an office wall, where it can catch their eye when they want to take advantage of your offer.
  1. Great Reminders: While you won’t want to use a card mailing to pass on a boatload of information, cards are a great way to send a reminder: whether it’s a reminder of an event you’re planning or a of a bigger mailing you sent earlier. Again, the low price and ease of production make it a good way to get in multiple touches.

Those are some pretty compelling reasons to give this form of direct mail a try. Quick, low-cost, focused mailings that remind prospects of your message can be yours—if you play your cards right.

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