A Marketer’s Guide to Using QR Codes Effectively

qr code effectively resized 600QR codes can be placed on almost anything including t-shirts, cards, building tops, stickers, bags, posters, and the list goes on and on.  They can be a great way to help grow your business when used in the proper way.  If you can find creative ways to use this technology, not only will this create interest in your company but you will also be marketing your business simultaneously. 

Although QR codes may look like a blurry mess, there is a definite rhyme and reason for every code.  Once scanned,  they can provide the user with helpful information about the product they are interested in or even direct your smart phone to a specific website.  When creating a QR code for your business try putting yourself in the customers shoes. What questions might they have?  What would they like to have more information on?  Think about how the code you’re creating can benefit them, that’s what is going to get them to scan your QR code.

The following are a few ways that you can use QR codes to market your business or product effectively.

1.) Business Cards

            Try placing a code on either your company or personal business card.  This can be a great opportunity for you to place a direct link to your website creating more traffic to the site.  Placing QR codes on a business card can also help potential customers find out more information about you and the products or serves that you offer.

2.) Coupons/ Free Products

            Once you strategically place your QR code for your customers convince, it’s time to think about what you can provide to entice them to scan your code.  Offering the individual a coupon or a type of discount, can provide a good way to encourage the scanning of your QR code.  First, have them fill out a simple information guide in return for you giving the discount.  This will help generate more traffic for your website and transfer that traffic into useful leads.facebook qr code

3.) Social Media Links

           You can connect a direct link from a QR code to a social media outlet such as Facebook, Twitter, or Linked In.  This is a great way to increase your followers on your social media page which can increase interest in your product!

4.) Direct Link to a Video

            Provide a type of video as a reward for scanning your QR code.  That video can contain information on the product, your business, or it can even be a humorous clip containing your product/service.  If you can generate positive attention to your business or increase the leads to your website, that will help grow your company.

What creative ways have you used QR codes to effectively market your product lately?  Try these few tips and they are sure to help increase interest in your business.