Add a Personal Touch to your Marketing – Remember the Fourth

july fourth marketingGrowing up my parents would tape all the Christmas cards the family would receive along the woodwork going from the living room to the kitchen.  To a younger me it seemed that there could have been hundreds of cards from family, my dad’s clients, friends and others. It was exciting to watch the number of cards build up. Seeing the cards start to go up and increase in numbers indicated to me that Christmas was coming soon and that we were loved. Christmas time is set aside for you to make sure those you care about know just how much you do care about them and this includes clients and customers. You send cards, attend parties, travel miles and spend loads of money to do so. But why wait until Christmas when there are plenty of other holidays and reasons to show your appreciation throughout the year.

In my opinion, the Fourth of July is an under used opportunity to demonstrate you care and to show customer appreciation. It is roughly around the middle of the year, people travel miles to spend time with friends and family and are celebrating the freedoms they have. And you won’t be lost in a stack of cards and acts of kindness like you would around Christmas.

Here some ideas on what you can do to show your appreciation for your clients or employees around the Fourth:

  1. Send a Card – not limited to Christmas and Birthdays
  2. Host a BBQ
  3. Send a July 4th Specific Email
  4. Buy them an apple pie
  5. Attend a baseball game
  6. Have a team picnic
  7. Give an American Flag (any size)
  8. Watch some fireworks together

So I suggest you begin to look outside the standard of the Christmas card and December to show you care.

What are some things you do for clients on the Fourth? Is there another holiday when you like to show your appreciation?