Back To the Basics: 7 Ways To Increase Response Rates To E-blasts

email blastsOften times, your email campaign is your direct line to potential customers. If they’re on your email list, it is because they opted in for it. However, that may have been where they stopped. Perhaps, they didn’t like your Facebook page or haven’t follow you on Twitter yet. In that case, you need to do what you can to increase response rates from your email blasts. Here are seven ways to do that.

1. Clean it out

If your email list is slightly older, there are probably a few inactive accounts on that list. There are various ways you can check analytics on responses. For example, if you have an eMerge account, you can check the performance of your emails. You can monitor which emails were opened and unopened. Clean off the email accounts that are habitually not opening your emails or are bouncing back.

2. Don’t send too often

If you send more than a few emails a week, you will begin to tire your subscribers. Eventually, they will not open your emails anymore.

3. Keep them interested

Studies show that people lose interest in email campaigns a few weeks after they opt in to it. Therefore, you should immediately send out welcome emails to new subscribers. For the people who have been on your list for a while, try to offer them a special discount for their loyalty. This may help them become involved again.

4. Bring new life to subscribers

If you’ve noticed that many of your subscribers are not opening your emails, try to send out a special email to them that encourages them to change their subscription. Offer them something special to get them interested again. You may need to use a special headline to capture their attention and open your email.

5. Special subject lines

If you want to increase response rates in your email, you should be sending out emails with catchy subject headers. These headers need to be short but also very interesting. Ideally, keep the subject headers to six words or less.

6. Customize your emails

Your subscribers and customers will vary. The people on your email list are not subscribing for the same reasons. Some people have different goals. They’re in different geographical locations. They’re a part of different demographics. If it’s possible, customize your list to appeal to the various groups in your list.

7. Testing

You want to make sure your email is formatted properly and arrives in your recipients’ inboxes properly. Therefore, send yourself a copy before you send out the actual email blast. Make sure the pictures show up nicely, everything is in line, and everything is exactly how you want it to be. If you need to make changes, now is the time to do it.

Hopefully these tips will help you generate greater response rates in your email campaign. Remember, if something isn’t working, you need to change it. It’s insane to keep trying the same failing methods over and over.

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