Best Direct Mail Practices for Locating Your Target Audience


Best-Practices-for-Locating-Your-Target-AudienceIdentifying the right target audience for a direct mail campaign can be difficult. However, for direct mail to be effective, it’s the most important part of the process. Marketing efforts are more successful when they are directed at a specific group of interested people. Try these strategies for locating your target audience:

Take a look at your business plan.

Your business plan is how you accurately assess your products and services. This is how you can determine who will most benefit from and desire what your company offers. Figure out how you stand out from the competition. This will be part of the direct mail strategy you will create. Then, consider what you will need to know about your target audience in order to reach them. Where do they live? What interests them? What demographics do they belong to? Be sure to think about things from the customer’s perspective. Rather than planning whom to sell to, think of who is already looking for what you offer.


You should learn more about your industry and competition. Learning how your competition reaches their target audience through direct mail can give you ideas for your own campaign. Your campaign shouldn’t be identical, though – the goal is to stand out from your competitors when you reach your target audience. If data doesn’t already exist on the industry, product, or service you’re working with, consider conducting a study of your own. Though this costs money, it’s a valuable investment, as it provides the specific information you need to target your audience.

Develop a customer profile.

This will include any and all information about the customers who are looking for your product or service. It includes demographic information, like marriage status, race, and location. It also identifies a customer’s habits and interests. This helps specialize the type of direct mail campaign you will offer.
Locate your audience. Digital marketing takes place on the web, which can be accessed anywhere in the world. Direct mail requires addresses. Find out where your customers live.

Create good content.

A direct mail campaign relies on quality. Now that you’ve identified who your customers are, where they are, what they want, and how they want to get it, you can create a high-quality, customized direct mail campaign that will capture their interest. Personalizing a direct mail campaign is always a good start. Emphasize the aspects of your company important to them. This creates brand loyalty.

Be realistic.

All marketing campaigns cost money. It’s important not to spread your campaign too far, and overstepping your bounds when it comes to assumptions about your potential customers can be a costly mistake. Marketing relies on putting people into boxes; good marketing puts people into boxes while seeming to emphasize their individuality. Don’t make sweeping generalizations about your customers. It also is a mistake to overestimate the size of the group you’re marketing to. This can lead to financial losses.


Once you’ve identified your target audience, don’t forget about them. If you’ve identified them correctly, they will continue to be interested in your product or service, and you should take advantage of this.

A high-quality direct mail marketing campaign takes time. However, finding a target audience is a worthwhile marketing strategy for any industry.

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